Turkey calls out to indie devs all over the world, offering an opportunity to develop the game that they’ve always dreamed of.

Assuring its position within the global video games industry by becoming the partner country of gamescom this year, Turkey has announced a special campaign called Turkey Loves Indies, which targets indie developers all around the world.

Prepared with the collaborations of Game Developers Association of Turkey (TOGED) and Investment Support and Promotion Agency (ISPAT), Turkey Loves Indies campaign kicked off today with the launch of www.turkeylovesindies.com. Through the website, developers can get information about game development opportunities in Turkey and government supports specifically offered for game developers.

Created with the goal of promoting various supports provided by the Turkish government to independent developers, the campaign was backed up by ODTU TEKNOKENT, Turkish Electro Technology (TET), TOGED and ISPAT. Turkey Loves Indies campaign aims at providing game developers all around the world with the chance of developing their dream game in Turkey and setting an example to other countries by underlining the extensive government supports available in the country.

Website offers detailed information about game development opportunities in Turkey and lists the wide range of supports provided to independent developers by various institutions. Developers can also learn how to benefit from the relevant support programs available.

In order to broaden the campaign’s reach, Turkey became the partner country of gamescom this year and has sponsored two events, namely Respawn and Game Developers Conference, that will take place prior to gamescom.   Respawn aims to bring game development enthusiasts of all ages together while Game Developers Conference (GDC) is a popular gathering where professional game developers get together, network and share their expertise.

You may visit www.turkeylovesindies.com to learn more about Turkey Loves Indies campaign.