Turkey has reiterated its ongoing commitment to the country’s blossoming video game industry by outlining the exciting collaborative opportunities available to developers and creators in the coming year.

At a press conference in Berlin today, the official partner country for Gamescom 2016 shared its vision of video games as a unifying force for cross-cultural tolerance, bringing together millions of gamers and developers from around the globe, regardless of age, gender or race.

The briefing was hosted by Koelnmesse GmbH and German Trade Association of Interactive Entertainment Software (BIU), while Turkey was represented by both Game Developers Association of Turkey (TOGED) and ODTÜ TEKNOKENT.

Tugbek Olek, Head of TOGED’s Advisory Board, emphasized the importance of recognizing the opportunity to further strengthen a global community of game enthusiasts, saying: “In order to bring out the unifying power of video games, and to decrease toxic behavior among gamers, we need to bring game developers from all over the world together. When game developers from all corners of the world believe that we can live in harmony, develop a sense of respect towards foreign cultures, and start using a common language, this will have a similar influence on gamers without a doubt.”

Ozgur Karayalcin, Project Manager of ODTÜ Teknokent added that the Turkish government views the game industry as a high-priority for support, explaining: “Led by Turkish Ministries of Economy and Development, many public institutions provide direct support to the gaming industry. Unlike other support programs in different countries, these programs are specially designed with indie developers in mind and application and payment processes are fairly easy. We hope that this approach will be an example for other countries in Europe and the World as well.”

Turkey will have the largest country booth at this year’s Gamescom, with both triple-A and indie developers represented, thanks to support from the Ministry of Economy, Turkish Exporters Assembly, Turkish Electro Technology, and Ankara Development Agency.