With the collaboration of DOGED and Istanbul Development Agency (İSTKA), developers from all around Turkey gathered at Government Supports Information Seminar, in Istanbul.

The seminar was held on 20th of October at Istanbul Divan Otel. At this seminar, all individuals and companies who work on informatics industry found a related support which help on their projects and ideas to make them real.

At the seminar there were more than one governmental institutions to give information to participants. The governmental institutions which were at the seminar and gave talk during it were; Istanbul Development Agency, Tübitak, KOSGEB, Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Transport Maritime Affairs and Communications.

All of the institutions that provide incentives to companies operating in the IT and game development sector came together for the first time at this seminar and they gained first-hand opportunity to respond to questions came from up to 100 interested participants.

Presentations made by representatives of relevant institutions has been shared in the appropriate order on DOGED ‘s SlideShare account with the approvals of the speakers.


Istanbul Development Agency’ s presentaton about their supports: www.slideshare.net/DOGED/istka

Tübitak’ s presentaton about their supports: www.slideshare.net/DOGED/teydeb-genel16042015-tbitak?related=1

Ministry of Economy’ s presentation about their supports: www.slideshare.net/DOGED/2015-8-biliim-sektr-ekonomi-bakanl

KOSGEB’ s presentation about their supports (Part 1): www.slideshare.net/DOGED/20-102015kosgeb-destekler-sunum

KOSGEB’ s presentation about their supports (Part 2):  www.slideshare.net/DOGED/20-102015kosgeb-2arge-inovasyon-ve-enduyg-destek-programi

Ministry of Transport Maritime Affairs and Communications’ s presentation about their supports:  www.slideshare.net/DOGED/ar-ge-sunum-20102015-ulatrma-denizcilik-ve-haberleme-bakanl


With a time beautiful and a great coincidence, Europe’ s largest R & D and incentive program, Horizon 2020 support, with 80 billion-euro budget, was launched by the European Union and calls were announced on the same day with our seminar.

As DOGED we’ d like to thank all participants for being with us and wish to see all participants at our next coming events, as soon as possible!

Photos from Seminar:

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R10A5944  R10A5933  R10A5960

R10A5972  R10A5975   R10A5976

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