The European Games Developer Federation (EGDF) announced that they have welcomed Game Developers Association of Turkey (TOGED) as an official member. Founded with the aim of contributing to technical, social and economic development of game developers in Turkey, TOGED helps increase the qualified workforce within local game industry and raise public awareness about video games in general. TOGED is now proud to be the 11th member of the federation.

As a global market, one of the main issues of game industry is the fact that games are subject to different legislations in different countries. One of EGDF’s main objectives is to overcome any difficulties that developers might encounter in this regard. With its membership to EGDF, TOGED intends to offer its contributions to future EU legislations concerning video games.

TOGED aims to take part in the discussions regarding regulations within EU and (just as it does in Turkey) provide support for any legal arrangements concerning video games. Not only will this lead to harmony between Turkish and EU video game laws but it will also prevent Turkish companies from possible negative effects that might arise from the said regulations. Through legislative harmonization of related laws, it is also intended to create an environment that will encourage game companies within the EU to invest in Turkey’s game market.

Last but not the least, TOGED hopes that their EGDF membership will bring developers in Turkey and Europe together and lead both parties to new co-operation opportunities in various fields.