Indie games, competing with big players.
You may meet the latest indie games and game producers or broadcasters or experience new games.

Please visit GIST (Gaming Istanbul) for more information.


In GIST 2016 there is going to be an INDIE GAME AREA for independent developers in which they can present their games to visitors. In this area the stands will be free of charge for independent developers.

If and when the selected independent developers meet the terms described below, they will be eligible to use the provided booths free of charge and have the opportunity to meet with visitors and potential business partners alike. Selected developers will also be registered to pitch&match B2B application and have access to B2B area.

• Developers present at the INDIE GAME AREA must be financially independent.
• Developers present at the INDIE GAME AREA must have a yearly income of less than 50.000 TL.
• Developers present at the INDIE GAME AREA can only present their own original content.

Each application of developers who wish to be present at INDIE GAME AREA will be evaluated by a special committee.

Indie Game Area Booth

Electricity and internet infrastructure ready booths will be provided for participants once their applications are approved. Applicant procures the hardware. All participants will be responsible of their own fair ticket, transportation and accommodation expenses.