This year, local video game awards highlights its original development value in Istanbul.

Crystal Pixel Video Game Awards, first held in 2012, continues to celebrate local production of video games in its fourth year. As a ceremony which can be applied with all kinds of games, this year will be held for fourth times on 20th of November, as a part of Eurasia Graphics 2015 event on between the days 19-20 November. And the importance that should be given into game development will be emphasized again.

The ceremony will be in Istanbul for the first time, at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Fındıklı Campus.


Being in an international scale of 110 billion dollars, the games industry is among the most important industry for the last few years. And it continues to grow faster by each year. The original value of intellectual property generated by the game developers in the local region, which support game development activities, contribute to the country’s development.It is also a known fact that the number of developers producing games gained a momentum in recent years in Turkey as well as the game development activity.

Crystal Pixel which gives importance to support the genuine products, game developers and games is organised to announce these genuine products and to appreciate with them also. The game sector in Turkey which is expected to grow with genuine products, more than the expected values, is being celebrated at the award ceremony and all sector followers are invited to be part of this celebration at Crystal Pixel.



Candidate games are going to be chosen from the applications made electronically. This year, applications opened through Crystal Pixel website, are waiting for the information about their original games provided by game developers. Candidates will be presented to the jury and the jury members at the end of the evaluation process carried out in the light of various game criteria, will determine the award winners in different categories.

Applications can be filled from the form at the address, until the 6th of November.

Crystal Pixel Video Game Awards which will be held by the cooperation of METU GATE, Digital Game Developers Association and METU TECHNOPOLIS ATOM and with the support of IGDA and Seti PR, is inviting the developers to exhibit their original ideas and chase innovation and emphasize the importance of the interaction and sharing, by submitting their applications.

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